Gear offer a gamble


I’ve been waiting for the chance to buy some 6* gear and currently for £23.99 I can. However when I looked at the prizes in the bags each bag has a chance I could get lots of 5* gear (not needed). I doubt anyone in this game needs the 5* gear anymore so why not just make it 6* gear still keep the bags with multiple items so it’s random I won’t be risking £ for what items I can get easily in game.


This offer is complete trash. Sorry, but who would actually spend money on this when you know you’re not gonna even get a single piece of the 6-star gear because of weighted RNG.

I know the purpose of the game is to make money but can’t you do that and still offer us something of value as opposed to trying to completely rip us off?


Then Scopely has a deal for you so go buy them. $75 bucks will get you a decent amount of it.


Actually a forum member openly admitted to spending on that offer when it was as expensive as 50$ and spent over a 1000$.


No one does. lol

Run the daily maps 4 times a week. It will slowly build up and if were lucky maybe we might see the farmable map make an appearance.


That is quite insane. I hope they at least got something of use for that kind of money. I doubt it though.


He said that he didn’t


People need to stop buying this shit. Only reason it keeps reappearing is people with more money than sense keep buying it.

Scopley exploiting gambling addiction?


Of course, be positive. Why didn’t I think of that?


Risk it with the tokens. You can even get yourself a waist pack.


Don’t buy that stuff just wait for Milestones to come and work hard on those prep when you can.
If you were purchasing the gear straight out what you need that would be a little different you probably not going to get what you need


Those offers are not a gamble. They are guaranteed to be crap. If anyone has bought one of those offers, its probably a 99.8% chance they got all 5 star gear.


Surely “guaranteed” is 100% chance of crap?

99.8% leaves a 0.2% chance of getting the good stuff…