Gear museum event


@JB.Scopely we are starving for basic 6 star gear. Can we expect a museum event soon. All these level ups and no way to get gear other than league store is ridiculous. Asked before but still waiting.


Don’t hold your breathe


@JB.Scopely I second this point. On the calendar it says the haolloween event starts tomorrow. I really hope that is a second Halloween on top of this current Halloween event and that the other Halloween event has a gear museum component to it. People will start quitting the game if they can’t level up their toons.


Dont mind using league points to buy GPS or canteens but I had to use to buy sports gloves. My 6 stars are just sitting and waiting


Practice Dummies needed here.


People will start quitting if they cant play with shiny new toys. I know I am getting super frustrated seeing so many 6*s maxed at tier 2 or 3 and unusable. I get it we can all buy gear in offers but be damned if I’m gonna spend coins to get a toon the which we pay real money for then have to shell out even more money to use them.


Sorry but they’ll rather start buying to use their new toys.


Nope…not happening


so you pull a revive erika and mackenzie in two single pulls 5☆ and then look up in your inventory and its empty, and then you say… damn im quitting, i dont have enough gear to lvl up them girls…

cool story bro, or nah?


@JB.Scopelyany word on this?


I doubt there will be a collection gear event as often as prior to Leagues store. That refreshes every five days (after purchasing all items in a given slot) and you can tokens every week. Much more improved than a limited amount of items to gain in a museum event


I agree they will be less likely to occur, but disagree about the league store being better for obtaining gear, as it will take longer to get enough points to get the gear for even say 1 character should u need both gps/canteen and the other pieces of t3/t4 gear that you could collect in a week or 2 of hitting milestones during a museum event, and that’s with me being in diamond 5 solo league.


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