Gear MArkers for food


Can we get rid of the 15 for 10k food and add in 1500 for 1mil?


Convenience sure does suffer from the severe lack of a “buy x10” option. The 100k is dangerously close to the refresh button too. If you’re going through the depot in a hurry with some intense leveling on your hands it’s easy to hit that by accident.



guys we are really talking too much about this and i dont like the way things happen when we complain too much. they might make the 100k food 350 instead of 150, because 150 might be too low because ppl like it too much. they might do that along with whatever you are asking. they give and they take.


Also, this guy found a thread from nov. 2017.
Legend. 14days ago ? No way im using the search function. Let’s whine instead. :+1:


they need to shut you down for the continuous trolling, spamming and antagonizing of members on the forum. :smiley: It’s easy to see by looking at your activity. From here on out please do not bother me and do not address me personally on the forums. I just got back from a suspension 7 days ago and I have not seeked you out or even bothered with you or the other trolls that liked your post. Have a nice day.


Yes. those clicks are waste of time