Gear maps... where are they


So y’all promised weekly maps, yet were having to chase y’all for them. Shane also posted earlier this week we would receive a ultra map… where is it?


3 Days Ago.


VK did not corfirm it so I’ll be skeptical for now :thinking:


Gear are in shop and offer. Just buy it if you want gear. You dont need gear roadmap. Who will farm gear roadmap, if can buy full gear sets in shop?. Only 99$ for ultra rare.


Yea War and Ultra Gearp Map at the same Time is not so good.

In a War the most Player have a Defense Team for the War as their Main Team and just a few player puts in a Farm Lead.


Yea plus war is very time consuming so would make it hard to farm properly


Lmao my thoughts exactly since the solo level up for tomorrow has already been posted


But the 0 energy map didn’t appear on Wednesday but the Thursday instead So there’s a cock up there.


The 0 e map did open on Wednesday USA time but just barely and then ran all day thursday. Gear map could be done same way because of war. Could open really late tonight and run all day tomorrow


It be nice to have a map for the 6* also but I doubt they will introduce that for a while yet


Yea that would be very nice but im not holding my breath lol


I’m in desperate need of the gloves for my Carl :confused:


wondering what happened to the gear map no info on (un)official VK site yet :rofl:


This is probably why they never told us about events in advance. Because it’s clearly a last minute cluster-fuck each and every time they run something. If VK don’t have info yet, I suspect it isn’t coming before the solo starts tonight


Monday morning, still no UG map. Frustrating !!! And this with yet ANOTHER SOLO LEVEL on the way followed by a faction level at the end of the week? This is pathetic nonsense!!!