Gear maps hello

Its Monday where is our gear map. We need our basic gear


New feature. All future gear will be purchasable from the shops and “deals” only. :wink:


I wanted to post this but didn’t wanna be “that guy” so thanks for taking one for the team bud.


Or… from now on maps will only be available to SC members.

Become a member now for the low, low price of £22.99 per month!!!


Lol how true guys how true


Very close but gear roadmaps are an add-on in addition to the cost of the SC membership so that’s an extra $9.99 per map.

It’s a steal! :wink:


@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely can you confirm gear map was intended to be removed from rotation?


I’m sure it’s just a mistake and will pop up later. This has happened dozens of times before. Someone over there forgot to flip the switch.


Ha. Speaking of things that can be added to SC, if they just gave us unlimited salvage tokens I would sign up in a heartbeat. I loathe farming and always run out of them.


That would be amazing…I’m constantly running out as well and its so much quicker when in a hurry or just being lazy to farm a few cans using tokens for survivors.
This might be too much to ask but can @JB.Scopely or @GR.Scopely possibly answer if the gear map missing is permanent.


Need sum gear here too…c’mon scopes…get it going.


Everyone is hurting on gear when is scopley going to learn without gear we can lvl our toons and if we can’t lvl the toons we have then no sense buying new ones

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Instead of buying toons, buy the gear offers! /sarcasam

Agree. We need gear. We need it now. #freethegear

I do miss gear events.

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Oooo how’d I end up over here.

HI @Andrea_Scopely. :wink:

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Hello, 7 chars

This thread is about the missing roadmap in which we can get gear from that was late to show up today

The other thread was asking for a gear event like we have had in the past, collecting gear from the muesum

The thread merge god strikes again, was prob getting anxious about not merging threads for awhile and just clicked merge these 2 seperate ones together. Almond milk is milk from an almond, dairy milk from a cow, both are milk but yet they are different. Both threads about gear, yet different.

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Proves they don’t actually read anything. They just saw the word “gear” on two threads and smashed them together. :pancakes:

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When they remove a simple YouTube link that does nothing wrong lol…
Ty @Andrea_Scopely or whoever did it