Gear Maps Causing Chaos


I still don’t undestand why we don’t get the 3 act gear map or even better add a 4th act which will reward watch and radio + related gear. One day it is ultra rare another day it is elite rare, just make an one and only gear map then make it available every week/two weeks and get it over with seriously. Show some actual player first attitude.

Ultimate gear map?
The Official Request Thread (aka the Gimme thread)

Damn straight this shit so simple just put the gear out there they just being difficult


JUSt grind that shit hard. Burn madd cans


Mount, there are times players don’t even receive gear from farming those Roadmap Stages. Try using Scavenger tokens on the Ultra Gear Roadmap and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

24 of energy for nothing is simply outrageous.


I don’t see why anyone would use tokens on a gear roadmap unless it’s due to laziness. This is what drop leads are for.


Oh come on now, it’s only 10 weeks since they initially promised us a weekly gear map, give em a chance ffs!


I know, friend. But in rare occasions, only a Medium Drop Leader plus a Rosa will give you something decent.

If you haven’t noticed, the gear dropping got a little nerfed this time. I don’t think there will be enough to upgrade Epics for Ascendance.


I already farmed 3 extra schoolbags not including the completion rewards. And I’m not even going that hard.

With the way things are going reguarding these gear maps I’m gonna farm as much as possible.

And definitely don’t use Salvage tokens.


seriously scopely can you implement this map and make it regular on thursdays or whatever day you like and run it for 24h to avoid timezone disadvantage?

It is getting worse everyday there are numerous threads asking for whichever gear people needs and the fix is just there for you to make it why act so ignorant?

Any reply is appreciated @kalishane .


The 3 act gear map sucks because act one is just a time waster.
Now if Scopely wouldn’t put the requirement that part one be finished before moving to part 2 and so on, it would be fine.

or they could eliminate the current part one, and add 6* gear to a new section and run all 3 weekly.


they can always remove gating on acts and make it an unlocked roadmap and everyone farms whichever part they want.


still no word from the promised map(s)?