Gear Map? Where’s it gone?

Is there meant to be a gear map today? I love my Thursday gear map! Thursdays this game is like a full time job, but today I feel redundant lol.

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Since we’re at it… where’s the 4* parts roadmap?

Enjoy the new road map design!
Removing the roadmaps needed most by the players seems to be part of the new update. Lol


This is getting ridiculous…

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Shirts and Gloves roadmap is there now, has ~23.5 hours left. Just above the Elite Rare Gear one. It’s starting later than before.

Edit: At the top of the hour, S & G still there, Elite roadmap disappeared, Ultra & Ascendance roadmaps appeared

Not showing up for me, US player, English region, Eastern timezone. I do have 17 minutes left on Elite gear map, so hopefully after. Need to restock, below 1,000 each

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