Gear map, where is it?!?!


Where is the Thursday/Friday gear map?

I need to farm it, not buy them.


Yep, disappointing to see it not appear


At least farming shirts and gloves would be more exciting than onslaught




Lol nope :smiley:


Total joke this map never showed. One of most important weekly maps. Wtf. @JB.Scopely


… But at least they didn’t forget the materials roadmap, we are soooo lucky… (sarcasm)


I got the gear map but it just vanished a bit ago.So it was there for some (shrugs)


That 70 coin offer sure showed up though.


Is there any surprise that with the current state of the game with the strangle hold on gear that this would be the lastest victim. The on going money grab on everything has no limits. The most basic gear is just the lastest reality of a shifting meta to pay to play. Last week had a sickening 3 straight level Up’s on top of each other and the only way to aquire gear to maintain your cooks with out going to a straight rng world map in hopes of getting good drops was with held. But the offer so many people applauded Scopley for putting up for the small amount of 70 coins is there with out fail. FTP sorry you better watch your limited videos or roll the dice on an offer. If you want to compete in this new meta it’s going to cost you.


Since they decided to take the gear map away, I’m going to farm xp, food and wood for shirts and gloves. Even though I don’t need the xp :rofl::rofl:


they need to get some automation in play which runs things on a set time, like the gear map etc, or outsource it to India or China, chase this is stupid


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