Gear map today?


It is supposed to pop up at 2pm EST but it’s already 1 hour past. Are we still getting it today? @kalishane

Where is the gear map

I just posted this too lol


great minds think alike :wink:


Need gear to for these level ups while this new event Is going on


Its been posted several times today, along with the XP map not showing up. No answer from @kalishane or anybody else


Not really anything new with that uh


They did say in the release note that they were going to have weekly gearmaps… My wory is it will be on thursday with ascendance medals and shirts/gloves map.


Bring the gear map now or give us the old format this week, i need some items very bad because scopely had to screw us with that new gear map that nobody asked for and now we don’t even get that, i really have no idea what they are doing with this game but what i can tell it is nothing good.


@kalishane any input on where the daily maps are that we are supposed to have?


Idk why ya;l wanted the weekly gear map back all everyone did while it was up was complain about it the drops weren’t great and it was harder to get radios and other t4 gear … if that all we get is the weekly it’s gonna suck again


Weakly gear map like the old format, i’m fine with that but once a week the gear map we had the last months? That is not enough and i hope that’s not the case.


Tons of people complained about this daily gear map witch was dumb imo the weekly was better


That would be the question of the year, it was very vague it did not say if it was going to be the like the old map or if it was going to be like the new one…


Wow it’s like they wait for somebody to complain then they post maps


see it must be due to the delay in war that the maps were also delayed… everything is delayed not… well except the levelups… they always seem to work.


just wait, surely something good, great and fun comes, do not lose patience and open your heart! what they have prepared for us! … (It’s not sarcasm).


just now


Wait a minute. If your Opie then just who the hell is Chris and what are you doing with his account? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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11 hours xD… okey