Gear Map no crates for completing stages

Ok, so every stage on the new gear map, shows a gear crate for completing each stage.
Out of all the stages, I got it on the last one only & it was 2 of them.
What gives with this???

Ok, so you decided to give us an unfarmable gear map, with bonus gear crates for completing each stage.
No choice but to take it, most everyone is gear hungry, but to not award the gear crates for the stages completed is again shameful.

Now, you need to roll out gear crates for everyone as only fair.

Keep on keeping on Scopely.

The gear crate says it is for completing the area, not each stage. The stage reward is on the left.


Well crap, I have a cold & loaded up on cold medicine & it made perfect sense to me looking at it. Duh, crawling back into bed now omg lol


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