Gear Map missing

Where is the daily gear map? Its usually up around 6pm UK time, now almost 7pm and no gear map.



I was thinking the same @kalishane


May as well stick the old farmable 3 part one up @kalishane :wink:

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@kalishane pouvez vous nous dire quand le plan équipement sera de retour ?

You actually have to stand in front of the mirror and say biggie smalls 3x.

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Yeah the one time I really need to use it and it’s not there. Figures lol

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Yeah, that will never happen. Guess you didn’t hear the news. :sob:

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Now 8pm GMT - Still no gear map, still no response. Why am i not surprised

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Somebody in Live OPS press the button!!! C’mon! @kalishane @Spyder

Lol. And it was pushed at least my region it popped up

It hasn’t popped up in Colbert yet

Actually, apparently some people do have it. Not everyone has it though

It’s up. 19 hours to reset.