Gear map kicking players out and stealing energy


Ugh, this broken game now took my 45 energy and kicked me out. Happened to other people too i suppose. I hope you give every player world energy for this. Smh…


so why didn’t you say something the first time? and wouldn’t it be 48 energy, not 45? each level is 24, so after the first time you should have said something. what happened exactly? because this sounds weird.

also if it is not happening to everyone then they cannot compensate everyone. write CS a message and they will be able to see what happened and see what they say about it.


Come on man. What do you mean the first time? This is the first time; I just woke up and had 47 energy in stock, and I’m sure I’m not the only one dealing with this glitch. Lol


I’m just saying it sounds weird is all. you said 45 energy as if you tried doing a stage in the ultra gear map but it kicked you out and took your energy. so you didn’t even get to do any stages yet and you went from 45 energy to 0 energy? That is definitely weird because I never heard of that happening to anyone and never experienced that myself. You should still try to contact CS and if they aren’t any help see what that staff on the forum can do for you.

oh, but you already know by now that it will be at least 8 hours before you hear back from CS, so maybe just ask staff here instead.


It sorta works now. Not sure why it’s doing that. Must be my phone. Not sure, but It should be okay


I’m not even seeing a gear map lol


Did you clear cache? That’s what I did.


Cleared and still no map lol


Someone suggested raiding. And it worked for another player

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