Gear map debate again

@JB.Scopely in your list of game improvements your looking to push, can you please add to bring the FIXED farmable gear maps back. As a 3 year player, I am beyond the point of wanting to waste my time farming. The elite gear and ultra gear should not be rng. If I want topo maps, why should I have to burn 6 cans and waste my time just to get 4 of them? Come on.

Another option would be to increase the supply depot daily amount. I mean 1 amount of each is such a waste. And no, I do not want to waste league trophies on this gear that has been around for three years.

Farmable gear maps encouraged players to burn more cans, not less.


Because they are hoping you will either buy the offer bags for a chance at the gear you want or you will spend money to buy coins so you can refresh the league depot. All bout the $$$$$$$. Soon it will cost you coins just to fill up your raid and world energy there will be no regen over time

What they dont seem to understand though is this constant greed and money grabbing is just making people turn away and not want to spend


I can’t imagine people are buying elite and ultra gear. I’m pretty sure it’s because they think players will spend more cans trying to hunt down gear. But if they brought back the fixed maps, I would burn all my cans.


some people will spend coins to get anything.

And i agree, the old gear maps before 6s were perfect.

I need 12 camp stoves. ok ill run it 12 times job done, although back then you was mostly running them hoping for a bag and a walkie talkie most of the time.

fast forwards to now and everythign is created to have a choke point to try and get money off you. Cant ascend cos i dont have medals, here buy this offer for medals.

Cant upgrade as i need a GPS magically enough an offer for a GPS pops up.

It wouldnt be that bad though if you could buy just the one thing you needed and not have to buy an offer that has grenades, smelling salts and high replenishes in them fro an over inflated price

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But I buy the offers JUST for the grenades and salts :cry:


i have a few hundred if you wanna buy some, first 2 are free to get you hooked.

How about some sandpaper ? ill sell it to you for half what scopely wants lol


Maybe a 6* and five star gear road map as I still lack gear even though you said you increased points in leagues for league league store but I am still only able to buy 1 or if lucky 2 hockey masks.
This needs to changed as I am only getting 6,000 plus points should be getting about 10,000 as 4,000 points should be worth the 620 gold you removed @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


I tried contacting @JB.Scopely via message after many ignored post and he never even responded with a “keep on surviving” i can understand he is busy and answering every message isnt possible but 2 very nice messages about the lack of gear in this game was completely ignored.
Ive watched 5 of 6 in the past 2 weeks quit (nuke account quit) after 3 years because they had 10 toons sitting at t2 for months that they couldn’t get enough gear to level, upgrade, and ascend.
This makes me so mad because 1. They took league coins away for “for more tokens for gear” I call bs. No extra gear was added to be bought besidea their caps and jackets which was the real reason. And the only way to get more gear is coin refresh. Whats the point in warring all weekend for a new toon to sit on t1. Also lets add they added a “premium” thing in the museum for rng gear that you have to buy. This is getting beyond ridiculous

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Good advice because i upgrade every toon available and use my gear on anything i can get my hands on. Im glad i was able to hear your awesome idea :+1: i bet my inventory will be flooded with gear now that i got that great suggestion


Lol. It’s a sad pathetic state when I’m leveling my five stars to t2 max because I don’t have to waste elite gear… what a joke.


Would be great to have the old gear map back

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I have about 20 -30 5* sitting at t2 maxed. Ive been leveling toons that are already t4 and still need to be maxed that have sat there since ascension for extra points and to clear objectives because im starting to need the big 8k we get from clearing :joy: its sad when you get excited from elite pulls and are like omg a practice dummy score!

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Meh… the greedy people running the show follow the same pattern or creating chokepoints precisely to generate $$$ selling opportunites. Ideally (for them) through direct $ offer purchases, but they are fine to let it ‘trickle down’ to other purchases in the form of coins, or cans, or featured items.

Its a textbook example about the worst aspects of the mobile f2p evolution. Plenty of games have gacha wheels, of course they wall want to make money. The difference with $coply is how blatant and unapologetic they are about it, and how far and wide they will implement it into every aspect of play with zero fucks given.

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I have hit the gear roadmap today and burned thru 16 cans because i need binoculars…but i only got 7…i need at least 21.

This sucks so bad and i can’t level up yellow glen unless i pay $$$.

I could level up some scrub 5 star instead but it would be a waste.

I am crying here.


The gear depot also needs to be redo it should list all rare and ultra rare in there and let you buy more than 1 of that gear a day. The top boxes in there are worthless I can farm for that gear


This thread needs to be answered by someone at scopley…at least tell us we are screwed or not?!


Dude its jus for impose ppl use league token in trash

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