Gear map and update 8.0


Are we going to get a gear map before or during faction level up?

When does the update go live?


Need update badly! One of my accounts locked at error code 11 before the beta update. I got ahold of support they told me to update to the beta 8.0.0. I did and I’m still stuck on the splash screen with error code 11


I firmly believe we should be allowed to go for elite and ultra rare gear every day through the road maps with the radios just like we can for uncommon and rare gear. Is there any way to make this happen scopely? I am getting very frustrated I have over a dozen characters that I cannot do anything with because I can never upgrade them.


A gear map for 6* gear (even just T3) would be fantastic this week


I need food and news ways to level…never mind gear lol.


@kalishane give us an Ultimate Gear Map. At least, that was what was described on the Ascendance topic. Once a week, every week!


Food food food and survivors pls give us more ways to get food and survivors


I agree food runs out very quickly and it’s hard to keep it stocked especially during level up tournaments.


wood we all have more then enough so gives us away to exchange wood for food. It give us the option to sell battle items for wood or food thus way the thousands of grenades and various other items still have any use


Ultimate gear map would be awesome or at least elite rare gear.


You can buy food… :wink:
Aren’t those ultimate feast bags just so tempting?


Lol, not spending as much on the game anymore. They need to update the farms so they produce a lot more food per hour.


Lol that’s a option to but never going to happen with the absurd prizes


any news about the 8.0 release?


Checking on Ultimate Gear Map. I thought it was mentioned there would be a Gear Map every week and we’d be making a New Ultimate Gear Map as well?

When is the last time you saw an Ultimate Gear Map?

Thank you!

Gear poll, map or depot?

The last Ultimate Gear Map was more than a month ago, if I’m not mistaken. Could be even more time… :confused:


The last ultimate gear map I have written down was 8/22/17 for the triple gear map


Thank you!

Gonna talk to Paul about dis.