Gear Locations Needs Fixing (Where to Find)


How this is supposed to actually be, I can’t tell. But there are several things wrong at the moment regardless. I’m not sure when this began. I assume with the latest update. I had to take a few looks because if it’s what it seems, I’m really suprised I haven’t seen somebody bring this up. (And if they did already… whoopsie.)

The menu that shows the gear available on a stage is either incorrect, inaccurate, or something else. Messed up one way or another for sure. All chapters after 7 now show they drop shirts, gloves and other low end gear that didn’t usually drop on later stages. The problem is after several attempts these don’t seem to actually drop, unless they are extremely less common do to the larger pool of available loot. Regardless, even if it is just rare, when you go into the inventory and click on shirts, it only displays that the highest stage it drops on is 7.7 as per usual. So either the new locations need to be added in the menu in the inventory, or the display of the affected gear needs to be removed from the “found in this stage”, or… the rate needs to be adjusted. Whatever the problem is exactly, there is one, no doubt, one more severe than the others.

I’m not trying to be over assertive when I say this… but people do spend and/or use cans to farm the world map. Especially if they can get Liliths and heavily consumed gear like shirts and gloves on the same stage, as the current state of the menu says. So… don’t handle this softly.


Adding shirts and gloves to all chapters is a good thing btw. So if it wasn’t intentional… think about it. The chance to get Liliths while farming shirts and gloves would be nice. So long as they drop in larger quantities then they would on say 7.4 and don’t dilute the chances for other gear that was normally available there.


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Well. Definitely not getting noticed on a weekend I guess. More angry reports and deserved can refunds for affected people then.


Several more runs. None sighted. I think it’s safe to conclude they definetly don’t drop at all. Not just a low drop rate.


Weekend is over. So someone might actually be around to take a look.


Maybe try tagging someone? Idk who deals with this part tbh @kalishane can you tag relevant peeps ty


Lol. I don’t bother with it. Probably 90% of all threads have shane, combatman, and combatdevil tagged atleast once. I can imagine their notifications are filled 24/7 and have never reached 0. Being the 1millionth and 2nd notification probably won’t get someone to respond any faster.


Supposedly, that Found In This Stage list is shown in descending order on where to find shirts. So the best world map stage is 7.7. You did 23 and 16.1 which isn’t on the list, meaning the probability is not high. It seems to make sense to me, assuming the list is actually shown in order.


Every day since the last Rise to Power act I’ve used all my energy exclusively on chapters above 7. Not one run has netted any of this newly added gear. If the lowest quality of gear is that rare that’s as much a mistake if not a bug.


I’ll look into why these might be showing up


Thanks. Wanted to make sure someone checked it out before too much time passed.


Are you using a drop leader? I remember stage 9.4 always said it would drop gloves and shirts and it never did for me. I think it was because I was always using at least my own medium drop lead.


So this one’s fun

Technically they’re in the tables, just at a rate of zero rather than removed. Probably for easier data management when the world map tables were all set up. The “Found In This Stage” used to ignore 0 valued items but at some point that changed. “Where to Find” does ignore 0 values though. As far as I could find, only low level gear is affected by this. Data cleaned up and fixed for the next update. Sorry for the confusion in the meantime!