Gear in the museum

@JB.Scopely I’m just wondering when we can expect that museum event with the gear like the earnings and necklaces.


Gear to the museum is certain? @JB.Scopely

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Umm? wasn’t that the FA Sweater event?


in the earnings and necklace events you could pick what you needed. If you needed weapon tripods you could buy x number of weapon tripods, etc. The sweater even was decent but it was largely RNG. also best case scenario in the sweater even was 2 GPS and 2 Canteen (if the RNG went your way) in the necklace and earing events we got 4 and 6 of each respectively. So not complaining about the sweater event. It was definitely a solid fun event but it wasn’t the same as the necklace/earing events.

The RNG on the sweater thing was absolutely painful. I got 3 pieces of gear that I needed and a while bunch I wasn’t in need of

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Exactly. We need either a weekly roadmap or a return of the necklace/earrings event (not something similar). There is nothing more frustrating than needing gear constantly.

League store is TERRIBLE. Over priced and the 7 day cool downs for 6 pieces of epic gear is hilarious since you need 12 of them to get a character to t4. @JB.Scopely

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