Gear hunt wtf rollback 1 is not enough

So for the second week gear map is only giving out 1 shirt or gloves, the only free way currently get enough is to farm this weekly, we simply can’t play the game without gear to make trainers… fix it ffs


Agreed this is arse


absolute BS scopely


Roll the map back to how it was 2 weeks ago!


World map 7.1 stage give least 3 gears on 3 energy

It’s just sad😔

You mean everyone didn’t ask for this change. What about that feed back they always listen to lmao.

1 reason and 1 reason only for this. To make people buy the 70 coin offer for 200 of each

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It might not have been made on purpose, but the outcome is most likely perceived as beneficial to the devs…

As I said before, I have not been grinding the map myself (so virtually no change to the basic gear income for me) and I do try to maintain a constant stream of 2* from two training grounds simultaneously and admit I do buy the gear offers like maybe once in 6-8 weeks. Obviously that’s what they want all players doing…

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