Gear hunt roadmap?

So no shop roadmap yesterday and now no gear hunt? Thanks guys.



Could we get a reason why we don’t have gear hunt today?

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Drop rates for work gloves and wrinkled shirts are so low that I rely on the weekly Thursday gear roadmap! Especially with all these level ups you keep throwing at us! Why take away a basic?

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Doesn’t fit the meta


True true, lol

I just don’t want to be stuck farming 7.1 or 6.6 for shirts and gloves :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:

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super true eh.

Maybe they are working on a roadmap or sumthing ^^


RIP shirts and gloves. Even more gear being throttled now.

I just farm the final stage of 8, you can farm it all day, every day. I get more gloves and shirts than survivors so I am currently sat at 3k of each. Plus I get a lilith every so often. Got a couple last week. I’ve not done the gear map in months now.

Edit. I might have been wrong… Or the drop rate plummeted, i swear I was?! Now I’m questioning my sanity.


I will try that, thanks for the tip :grin::grin:

It seems like they want us to use all of those trainers from the death marks event instead of 2 stars gained from wrinkled shirts and gloves :man_shrugging:
Go figure…

They have come in handy. I must of had 100+ :+1:
Sadly still no benedicts though

Stay tuned for a gear box for sale. 50 bucks for 50 shirts and gloves

Bumpity bump bump

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Thanks for finally putting gear hunt in, now can we have in there all day tomorrow? Lol, probably not

Hmm… I don’t wanna sound like a conspiracy theorist or nothing but i swear it was… I was farming 7.8 until last week for my survivor and glove/shirt needs until a faction-mate said you could get lilliths from 8 onwards. Just ran it twice and got none. I was getting 3/4 per run… Maybe I’m losing my mind.

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I might have been wrong… Or the drop rate plummeted, i swear I was?! Now I’m questioning my sanity.

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Thank you for enabling my mental illness. Lol

8.7 only gave 2 pairs of gloves on 2 runs, I don’t think it’s a good place to farm for shirts and gloves

I was getting 3/4 gloves/shirts on average and around 10 survivors. Plus the chance of lilith… Looks like the drop rate went down :confused: sorry