Gear from the Museum


I was just wondering when we can expect a new gear event (like the earrings and necklace ones we had before).

You said you expected one soon and this was over a month ago. Any update?


Yes! We need gear!

He doesn’t respond to gear threads unfortunately.
Which Basically means he doesn’t know anything about it so it’s not worth his time.
When and if they decide to run a gear event. Maybe then we’ll get some info.
(Don’t hold your breath though)

Near to them is the same as “Coming Soon”…

Most likely we won’t be informed of a gear event until it starts.

you are JB Scopely

we really need gears,please scopely or whales were frustrated how f2p are raiding their teams so scopely stopped our gear supply?

We won’t get them…what do you think the league store is for?

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