Gear for Tara 5☆ and 6☆

Im interested in what gear is needed for Tara, 5☆ and 6☆ versions. I was able to find the info about “Flare Guns” here:

I can not find info about how many “Survival Whistles” are needed for 5☆ Tara, or other miscellaneous gear. any info would be appreciated :slight_smile:


0, survival whistles are for David. You need just flare guns (for both, 5* and 6* version) and rebel gear. (because 5* tara is rebel)


from how I read this all 5☆ would need them??

No. A specific 5s. Search forums. We got that answer once

Somewhere in there I believe

Yea i heard we need like 20 some of those things. Makes getting tara and leveling her even harder than it already is. Don’t think they thought out how long it would take to get her and level her enough to use. By the time most are able to she will be irrelevant I’m sure as it will take a year or so at least.

@Wanderer you just linked the samething I did in OP lol… that info is not there just about flare guns only

Assumed it was buried in there cause I recall seeing it some time ago. Each toon has their own gear. Connor’s is locked in tier 4. Tara in tier 5. David’s the more expensive one you can buy (whistles) and the cheap ones (shin pads) for the 4s john. I imagine they scale similar to Tara’s 5s but I could be wrong.

*edited for accuracy

^^^ thats about the flare guns… wondering about whistles

She does not need whistles.

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@Wanderer good looking out, but leave it up to who writes these gear descriptions to be incorrect, under the whistle description it says “characters” not character

If you buy more than one of that toon it is characters =-)

Regardless u have your answer from multiple sources.

just one more thing they should be more specific about…