Gear exchange idea

I play another game that also offers gear and items to level up your toons.

Recently they have added a new option that allows me to trade gear with other members of my guild only.

This is a tremendous help because in this game I am always slanted with some sort of gear or item. Now i have evened out the stuff i was always low on.

Right now in rts I am always low on alpenstocks and binocs for sum reason while flush with all other gear.

Perhaps an option in the future to offer my extra gear up to my faction mates in exchange foir the gear I am low on would be a nice thing?!

My other game limits trades to one a day or 3 a week of any single item if that helps?

Plus the item or gear must be of equal teir…can’t trade common for legend.

Not gonna work if it’s a feature that discourages spending.

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Would be great. Never going to happen.

Cheaters are part of the reason but the main one is the loss of revenue.

It sounds great, for a year ago. At this point I don’t even have any gear to trade lol

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