Gear event please

We need a good gear museum event the fa event was good but still gear shortage. And rng so hard to get what you need. League store doesn’t cut it with all of the new toons you’re releasing. Stop the gear stranglehold

@JB.Scopely any museum events for gear on the horizon


After many months, I’m starting to think…maybe…just maybe… there is an intentional gear shortage… but I dunno man, maybe they just forgot about gear existing.


There are currently a gear event running in the offer and in the featured section of the game.

I need tripods 10 would do me fine

Needs to be certain!

im hoping they do an event to get the gear. gps and canteens are too much in league store
and you can only get one of each a week

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We can keep asking, and show them that the majority of the player base wants more access to gear or to blitz war.
But they clearly don’t care.

They don’t care. It’s really terrible. Been playing for over 3 years and I have six stars I can’t even t3. It’s hilarious.

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Maybe from daily login rewards? That used to be a thing, until snowballs…

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