Gear drought..need gear

Dropping S class toons every 2 weeks and the cost of gear it takes to upgrade including promotion is ridiculous. When are you gonna drop the legendary gear maps you promised years ago? Y’all are cappin heavy! Break bread!


Shooter: “I eat pieces of sh** like you for breakfast.”

Gilmore: “You eat pieces of sh** for breakfast?”

Nice user id. Brought that line back.

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Haha appreciate that buddy! Hes a G!

We need daily 6* gear and Trainers.

6* has hockey mask and gloves, Whetstone and knife sheath
Than the end has Gps and canteen.
Then the one with trainers can give burt, brady, basil, benedict, and you get a lilith and ulyssus for finishing.

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Some Benedict’s and legendary trainers would be nice

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