Gear Drought 2019

If we are forced to get majority of our Legendary gear from League Store, can you offer league tokens as milestone rewards in more events than just lvl up?? It’s ridiculous how many 6* toons I have sitting at max t3. What do we gotta do for some mother f*ing gear? I miss the museum collections for gear :pensive:



Scopely when we ask for gear


I feel your pain. I’m very selective of which toons I’ll keep and I still have a few at T3.

And I agree with putting tokens elsewhere. I tapped out of this level up at 500k. I will get a big fat 0 in this weekend’s level up. Monday I’ll be able to get Regina to T3 so once she’s at level 80, I’ll be stuck again. I think it’s been over a year since it’s been this bad.


Even if you were to hit every milestone in lvl up, it’s enough for like 2 pieces of gear from the platinum side and if you need a canteen or GPS - LMFAO!!


This may be the game killer for me as i refuse to pay 99.99 to get what i need…that should be free.


$100 for gear just to level up a toon that you probably just spent $100 to get. Insanity.

I’m 100% positive the more we talk about how we are all short on gear the longer it will take for them to start another museum collection.


I came to the conclusion awhile ago that Scopely doesn’t care.

They’ve had plenty of opportunities to run gear maps or museum collections but enjoy the bottleneck and growing player base frustration.

Pancakes get more attention than we do.


The gear lock is real and quite dismaying. It keeps players from being able to advance and makes them desperate to pay. Not everything should be locked behind a pay wall.


It’s not just gear it’s gold medals I have 3 mill in silver and maybe 200 in gold

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To this point you should be able to modify offers. 4* weapon tokens and elite tokens in my book are worth $0

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im so happy with the ocean of gears🙃


I can’t even get them to t3 anymore lol. That’s okay, it’s actually stopped me from pulling. Keep it up!


Oh hey 2016 i didn’t see you there :roll_eyes:


It’s because you literally play in waves, so you dont have as many legendaries. Obviously…if you did you’d be having the same problem as the rest of us.


Yep, i considered doing a few 10s for martinez ( i happen to like the character) and hes a decent toon that could be useful. But i have no gear to make him useable. Scopely doesnt get it. They arent giving enough tokens for leagues and they just finally doubled the available amount. If anyone wants the league toons that require special gear forget about having much left over for other gear. It’s like they are trying to get us to quit. Maybe once they make a certain low amount for a quarter they can close dowm idk…i cant think of ant reason that they cant provide adequate amounts of gear.
I refuse to spend on a toon and then have to buy gear. They still are offering plenty of watches and radios tho…ffs i have so many give us some tripods, gauntlets ect quit with the radios and watches.


I guess people still pulling for new promos don’t care about buying the gear offers as well.
And the new gear for season toons was such a stupid idea.
We’ve been begging for a gear event for months and months.
Let’s get real it isn’t going to happen. :unamused:


It was clearly sarcasm, they’re missing a bunch of the gear needed to tier up a 6 star.


Come on @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely… there are numerous threads about this every week. This deserves a response.


You have to be in the super cool chatrooms to get jb to respond to anything. Its sad really.

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The response has been crystal clear. Either save up your league tokens and use them for gear or pony up the cash and buy them.

Good news is there really is almost no reason to t4 any toon. It’s just an extra 120 to the stats. It’s not like they locked the rush to tier 7 w/ out t4ing a toon.

I can wait. Not spending a dime for gear.