Gear drops nerfed?

I just started back playing from Saturday and I realized that they nerfed the ultra rare gear drops on the roadmap. Why’s that? I’m playing and getting 1 piece of gear from the whole stage and I need about 16 pieces…

Only last two stages of the roadmap are farmable now. You get RNG gear.

So I’ll get individual drops are just gear crates? I hate chances

Unfortunately its all rng. Ive spent 15 cans before going for specific gear i really needed and gotten it maybe from 3 crates. Best advice i can give is do the map as soon as it pops and farm last stage over and over with natural energy throughout the day. I do this every time the 2 farmables pop. I eventually need all of it so no loss i guess

It shouldn’t be harder to get 4* gear when there’s 5/6* gear. Ultra rare gear should be made available like rare gear, via walkies and should be farmable.

Remember when they promised gear maps for 6*’s?
Or remember the farmable 4* and 5* gear map?

Insert pepridge farm remembers meme here


Null point on debating the 6* gear map, they have the plat area store so the idea of them coming out with that particular map is dead.

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