Gear depot is so bad

@kalishane why does a piece of ultra rare gear sell for 750 but costs 4300 to buy? Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? I have officially ran out of night vision googles after Wyatt, Maggie and rick… I can’t believe I can only get 4 a week now… i have 5 hunters stuck at t3 max also. Why can’t the depot be like a straight exchange? Maybe trade police shields for night visions goggles? Anything is better than this current format.


Because they can’t make money using your idea.


If they sold shirts and gloves maybe id actually use it. Also. Who buys 10k food? Ew. 100k and 1mil quantities please :+1:


its like a pawn shop. youre never gonna get your investment back, no matter what you do. maybe you can liken it to gamestop for all you youngins. :joy::joy::joy:


While we’re on the topic of stupid things in depots. Why in the hell are things like this in the assault depot? You can get this from disassembling uncommon weapons it’s not like there is a shortage of uncommon weapons for people to breakdown. Get these out and only have things like kits, tape, spray paint, and super glue(I’d prefer this be left out as well but others won’t agree I’m sure).

Because it’s not enough to just screw you with the really important stuff. You need to be screwed in all the little ways as well.

Why so many hunters? They aren’t even trying to hide what they’re doing there with gear shortage. And while we are at it, why do we need hunter gear to tier up a legendary character? With no persona. Except legendary I guess.

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On the same trail as you are on, I also want to to state how ridiculous it was for them to not only update the wheels, but the Supply Depot as well. I use to see people like Ty, Gov, and Andrea in there week to week but now it’s just a bunch of these new people. Do I need Skylar, Scout, or another 4⭐ LE Jesus? The only constant is 5⭐ AOW Maggie. I rarely see 4⭐ weapons as well. Now I feel like Scopely and this game is deliberately trying to prevent me from getting another legacy toon.

It’s so annoying. I have over 100 of each 6 star gear and 2 goggles (today’s map and level up milestones). Oh well, less incentive to pull for a hunter premier. Keep up the good work scopely.

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