Gear Collection with Revive Toon Event?


So most of Scopleys children are very pleased with this new Toon Event and most were wondering if this event will be like the Wyatt event or Vincent events were they had gear with them so we could level up or toons we got from the event


From what I’ve seen there is no gear in any other collections. Though I could be wrong.


акция будет идти 2 месяца, за это время экипировку можно собрать. а вот та экипировка которая нужна для этого персонажа.
The action will go 2 months, during this time the equipment can be collected. but the equipment that is needed for this character.


It isn’t the point that you can collect the gear within 2 months. The point is they’re getting greedy with the gear.


Thats definitely not what i was asking about lol


We have to have another gear collection to go along with the toon. As in previous events. Otherwise WTF???


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