Gear collection ASAP!


Jesus! Enough is enough, scopely, stop with the shortage of t3 and t4 gear is insane how many characters are sitting on my roster and I bet other rosters too, what happens with the museum collections? Scopely your soooo annoying and is freaking frustrating


its what they made this onslaught tournament for.

7.5k tokens for just 2 pieces of t3 gear or just 1 piece of t4 gear. If you get 1st place.

take your pick!


would love to have a grindable gear event. then this league bs.

remember the goold’ol days of farmable gear roadmaps for the 5*'s??

Obvious that was when there was good quality management here and not blood sucking offers to max people’s characters out.


Do you NEED more free stuff or are you just angry at the game?


The conclusion of came to there intentionally making the same traits of ascends over and over to force a gear shortage if i showed you more gear there is gear I have 100+ of but some not even 10


Night vision and alpenstock are the main 2 there making people uses going by my stockpile of gear. Leather gloves don’t drop as much anymore either


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