Gear bundle Scopley listened only 100 coins vs 70 now. Great deal

Look Scopley listened. We now get 200 jackets and 200 gloves for 100 coins vs 70 coins. Thanks those not being serious and still spending.


Lololol they had 150 gloves and shirts for 150 coins so inb4 someone tries to say this was an improvement. :man_facepalming:

This is an improvement.


Players first attitude right there…

Noice…too bad i am flush

When 400 shirts gloves and other random crap only cost 140 coins the good ol days imagineary coin inflation

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Good thing I have over 1,000 Bennies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::poop::poop::poop:

“Great Value”

200 previously cost us 70 coins so 35 coins per 100. 50 coins for 100 therefore represents a 42% increase in price.

This is literally the opposite of value


I quit month ago after Pete release just came back per my faction mates how you get 1k bennies. Some new gate I missed

The piper event and the supreme crates. Also a chance at 20k coins. Still enough time to do some pulls.

Dont make me clap you with some anime :clap:


Making a threat to an officer? Not smart.


Some regions have em for a dollar lol

Was just thinking about posting about this. More ridiculous BS from scopely. No one needs the rain boots or other gear in the 150 coin offer. All we need are the shirts and gloves. Bring back the offer with 200 of each for 70 coins. Not gonna buy less for more, simply because they padded the offer with items that are completely useless…

Pretty ridiculous that we have to buy what is supposed to be the most common, lowest ranked gear in the first place…


Typical just bring the 70 coin offer back or even lower it Geez it’s just constant BS


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