Gear and t4 stuff


So the dog lash end…there will be a new museum stuff to get t4 gear? Or we are going to buy all that in the league store


Here’s hoping! Could use another museum event as they were awesome.


I hope another one starts up soon but in the meantime, I am enjoying skipping every single solo event because why waste resources for these terrible and mostly useless rewards?

My only concern is that they might not do another one because we technically now have the league store to get the items. It will take forever to accumulate enough trophies for 12 knife sheaths, for example, and close to 38k just for a GPS and canteen so I hope this is not the case.


This right here!


I skipped every level up last week, and the raid tourney also. Used free energy as milestones were piss poor.


It’s almost like they want us to stop trying. All these rewards and milestones have been garbage. Not worth wasting resources or cans for.


I always try to go balls to the walls in solo events.


Hey whatever floats your boat. God gave us all free will.

I however will continue to laugh as I watch people waste upwards of 50 cans in a raid or spend 50 bucks on an SR tournament for some random nearly useless copy and paste rewards. Like 6 benedicts and some duct tape.


Try being the keyword.
I spend some to keep up in tournies, but I’m never number 1.


I would love another museum event as well! @JB.Scopely any upcoming?


We need one. League store won’t cut it as a replacement when it might take a couple of weeks to afford a single GPS or Canteen


Ok am just throwing it in there. But weren’t we supposed to have roadmaps for this gear by now… guess they forgot about it. Anyway a museum collection should do and is really needed at this point


There is actually a huge lack of knive sheates, sport gauntlets, practice dummies and tripods. Only source right now is the league store where you are able to buy 6. The single parts during events are not worth to be mentioned. To upgrade a toon you need 12 of these.
I stopped pulling for promo chars because of this. There’s a lot of toons in the pipeline @t2 l70 and t3 l80 which I can’t level any further.
Somehow Scopely doesn’t play their own game or can’t imagine what a player would need in their game.
Used to be a nice game once. Currently it is a mess.


Maybe you should think about t4 all your 6stars? Have plenty of useless 6s sitting at t3 with 4gps and 4canteen in stock but not upgrading them. Why would I need to t4 gator, kenny, Negan, Barker, doubles, etc?


completely agree, they need to relook at 6star gear


I do have a Romanov or Kal sitting there and other toons I would like to t4.
For sure a barker, Kenny gator and so on I don’t need upgraded.


Also faction assault store
Also rewards from solo events
Also $$$


You need 12 of those to level a single toon. Via FA you get like 2 in 6 weeks, in events you get like 1 in 4 weeks, in the shop you you get 6 in 8 weeks along with bullshit no one needs.
Sorry that doesn’t count for me as source.


They should add these to the weekly gear map if they still want us to buy premier toons.


Im just careful on who to upgrade. Never bought gear and stopped levelling up toons for these useless rewards. My roster is good enough to beat almost all teams in wars. My def sucks whatever toons i put (since i dont have any shields), so why bother levelling up toons?

I use only 18 6stars. Rest i dont use