Gear and 6* AR trainers


Dear anyone at scopely who will listen…

This has been mentioned by many people for a long time now but the problem is getting worse. The availability of 5* and 6* gear in comparison to the volume needed to level them through all tiers is getting out of hand. Not to even mention the lack of lilliths/adens. Ive pulled some really good toons lately but I can’t use them properly for a very long time because the resources for them just aren’t available at anywhere near the rate they should be. The museum collections in the past have helped but they really don’t get you enough gear to upgrade characters anywhere near quickly enough, especially in proportion to the rate that you are releasing promos. Add to that the fact that for some unbeknown reason, you decided to not include all the gear items in the current museum event…

In a nutshell, I have to stop pulling toons that I actually want because at this rate I can’t get them even past 5* t3 any time soon, let alone through the 6* tiers. There’s just no point pulling for me until this gets better because no doubt they will be old news in 6 months time when they are maxed and I’m actually able to use them effectively.



Stop leveling up toons that are not ascendable and save your gear for your important toons. Same with Medals, dont waste them ascending 3, 4, and 5 stars when the medals are best saved for 6 star toons. Forward thinking helps with gear, as far lillith and aiden. Gear depot and the new leagues shop will have all the supplies we need and you can grind your way to better characters.


Totally agree, the amount of gear is ridiculous.

It’s all good and well saying dont level up toons but how is one supposed to compete in level up tournaments to win some additional gear etc? Forward planning only works so much when there is a strangle-hold on very basic gear


Can’t agree more. I started to send my Alpha on Rush Misson to level her AR. At this rate I can use her in 2 months


That’s honestly also my problem right now…I thought i stacked a good amount of gear from last collections or at least thought so but i got some cool new toons now and they’re all stuck at either t2 or t3 with 3/10 ar or none yet. I’ve been waiting for those Liliths to appear like two weeks now and i don’t recall a time i actually dropped a 6* gear from elite items and i know i can pull up to like 3 times in a day when there are good roadmaps…


That would be a helpful comment if it were true. I havent touched a 3 or 4* for levelling in a long time. And i do only level ascendable toons… Just so many awaiting gear


How I could not think of this? Thanks for sharing.


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