Gear, along with all other aspects of leveling; rearing its ugly head again! -PLEASE LISTEN

The complain about something every week thread is here because Scopes doesn’t play their own game.

Gear is a massive issue AGAIN.
Fodders and trainers are a massive issue/never stopped being one.
Food for S class leveling is a huge issue.
Medals to ascend too, issue as well.

People can’t level their toons, and no not the ones being bought (starting to give out shards those people can’t level either)
I’m on like 4 toons ago trying to level but its a slow grind because you can only make so many 2* and farm so much a day.

Not to mention you just released Frost before that Princess, Mercer, Wangfa, Priya…

You expect people to even remotely have gear for blue toons when your ratio to blue to yellow is 3:1, red is 2:1, and green 3:1.

This isn’t a whale complaint its community. It’s crazy this hasn’t been fixed or resolved yet.
Because I missed out on knifes (have gold bars left over) to level my James or Christa from the first choice box; because fodder/trainers were so hard to come by, no reason people should NOT pull or not wanna spend money to buy stuff because they know they can’t use it for months. This is still in my inventory rotting because of the neglect you guys are leaving on gear, trainers, fodder, medals, food, etc…that doesn’t involve buying every fine grain $ of said stuff to level.

@GR.Scopely @DZ.Scopely


I agree my dude. this is crazy.
Many issues and where is everyone council?Scopely?GR?anybody home (knock knock).

The points in level up should reflect sclass.

Well said Gov, I agree with everything you said


Another reason I’m not jumping ont he s class bandwagon. I’m waiting til those level ups mean something.

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I agree with this thread 100%! I’m tired of using coins to refresh the league store to upgrade my characters.


It feels like they really dont give a crap anymore.

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Yeah the gear/trainer situation has made this game a boring grind.
And the points we get for leveling S class is sad.

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Increase every gear in the shop by x3. Mods and gun parts can 2 extra parts.

Gear needs to beefed up…

Need to lower gear prices as well. Only place to get good league tokens is level up. But it is hard to level up when you have no gear. It’s a bitter neverending cycle


It’s ridiculous how playing for gear you get one piece of gear, when you need 60 and that’s not taking the 12 you need for the 2 6s versions

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working as intended unfortunately. Want to level up a new toon? Here are some amazing deals for trainers and gear. Oh, you want more, then you gotta participate in the premium roadmaps and events.

The bottleneck is by design. Makes you spend to get to where you want to be. Grinding helps a little but it’s not enough.

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So the history of the game short of recently was NOT working as intended? In the past we had some maps/ events that we could trade something in for gear. Was that not working as intended?

It is severe. What is it almost a year ago the JB lead the charge with the player phone call interviews? In my call I preached to reduce cost and up the inventory of league store. I suggested that the store reset every week instead of only when you buy the whole set of inventory. As we all know, nothing has been done to the store outside adding 5* weapon parts.

All I can think is they are making a killing in selling gear offers because they are keeping us short but making them new S class without fail. No to mention we have NEVER received the two time promised legendary gear map (maybe it was only once promised)

Would love another event where we got those 20k coins or 100 20 benedicts. I just finished off my 1,500 benedicts form that event to max my Pete and Angel. I was super stingy with them.


Yes…been saying this for awhile!

Yes. Slimer posted asking for a 2nd pathways event

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Don’t try to hit milestones leveling 6* or Stoons. Best place to get points is still 5*, and the gear you need is relatively plentiful, and farmable in the worst case. If you can, level them to T4L1 only so you can make a play for a levelup win later. 3mil every time, then buy out the T3 trait gear every week.

It’s what I do together where I need. Level useless toons lol

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