Gator may be meta (for hordes)


As time out teams won’t really be effective with some of the walkers out there and crit being pretty useful for horde mode and dmg
The 58ap once King meme may actually be good for this mode on defense


Nvm 7 chars


Gator and his sister Crocodile


Ohhhh! Im excited for sure for this! Everyone hates on my boy gator but he is sr king! That would be awesome if he just powered thru this mode with his camo, i have 2 gators :smile:


camo mich!


I still dont have her! :sob: i do have camo barker tho


I’m glad that walker teams will finally see some love in pvp. Camo will finally be a useful ability and we can start getting crit leaders again.


Cant wait till these tourney to start so I can spend 50 bucks on cans… to win 8 Benedict…



Barker, dual guardian rick, dual gator, game over


Gator could be Meta, but then again, he can be countered


Give barker a 6* with a faster rush and keep his camo to all!

That Michonne is still great as her camo is 2 turns, her with gator will be a crazy combo


Someone say counter for Gator?



another combo could be SR Ezekiel, Michonne 2x (setting up 1 with Very Large AP and the other with none, so they go off 1 every other turn), Yellow Ezekiel for crit+def, Solange/another revive in case something goes wrong


Thats what im gonna do with my gators, one has max rush, with huge weapon he should pop turn 3 and the other gator i wanna keep his rush lower so he maybe pops turn 4 or 5.

I was gonna do abe lead, gator, gator, gaurdian zeke and maybe dante


He’s definitely a walker now.


Gator hunter>Stingray


I see people say sr king. Dude sr isn’t hard I auto play every stage. Sr doc Stevens, Zeke and Connor work just fine other 2 don’t matter


“Can’t wait till these tourneys to start so I can spend 100 bucks on cans… to win 1 Benedict…”

Fixed it for you. :wink:


“Can’t wait till these tourneys to start so I can spend 100 bucks on cans… for a 0.01% chance to win 1 Burt…”

Fixed it more :wink:


Are you in the beta? I have played it a bit and I really see no need for any spending. I’m totally shocked that you don’t keep the cards from one tournament to the next. Something tells me this will change after rollout when they see no one spending outside of the usual 1% who spend no matter what.