Gathering and collecting S class

I have noticed that alot of new players don’t know how to do the collections for S class. We have ppl who are vets that just returned that aren’t familiar with collecting these. We are going to use S class priya for our example. She uses cones . Step 1) Okay, first you make your decision to collect whomever, I chose priya. # 2) Then you go to their collections in the museum. And see what you need to collect. I think priya is 4k cones twice then 2k to collect. #3) You collect the 4k cones, then you get your 5 star priya from the museum. You have to ascend her and level her to t4 lvl 90. #4) You need to get 2 five star priyas for the collection. You can collect cones from the sclass rm daily, events, missions, war rewards, and they give her cones as prizes every 6-8 weeks. Sometimes their collections in museum where you can trade in for a choice box too. # 5) Anyway, while your leveling your priya you continue to collect until you get 2000 cones and 2 lvl 90 tier4 priyas . It will then prod you to claim your rewards in the museum. (Note: dont put the priyas on any teams before you collect or it will prod you to remove them. And don’t waste good trainers or mods on them, save it for the Sclass version) .# 6) Then you claim your rewards!!! Good luck and happy hunting. I included pictures as a guideline. Remember the S class take double the gear of a regular 6 *. Thank you !!.


You should put more space in your text, it will be nicer to read

Organize your text like that

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Thanks. I’m at work and was just trying to get a draft out to send my mates too. But I’ll sit down and try to edit it later! I agree it is rushed.

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Thanks, you’re awesome!

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In my opinion, you hold off opening boxes for as long as possible so you see how many freebies you can get and don’t waste boxes. I mean, they still have ice cream cones as rewards and everyone on here’s moaning about having too many.

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Good advice! Yup! You can always keep choice boxes in inventory!

If you do keep them in your inventory, I recommend a spreadsheet. Takes a bit to setup and get into the habit of adding new choice boxes, but it gets really confusing otherwise once you get into the hundreds.


Another good idea. Thank you!

I’m holding out for all this quality of life stacking that’s been requested.

Yeah that would be great, but I have little hope that we will see it soon tbh. QoL requests can take a long time, and inventory stacking seems like the thing that might be challenging to implement, given that they’ve never let boxes/bags stack unless you got them all at the same time.

Great idea! I hate opening my inventory because it takes ages to scroll to get gear and shards at the end lol.

I’ve been hoarding bags and crates from scav camp missions, milestones, war drops, etc, in case we get a similar “bag-opening” milestone like Pathways. :joy:

If you put an asterisk in front of a line of text it makes a nice little list as well like so:

  • Step one
  • Step two
  • Step etc.

And the pound sign in front of a line makes things…


Lol. Thanks I’ll keep that in mind. :slight_smile:

Can you further clarify on why I shouldn’t put the six star versions on my teams

Hi there - So it’s more about conservation of resources - to be any real use on an attack of defence team the 6 stars need their rushes upgraded, which costs Lilith’s and trait trainers, when you upgrade a 6 star to S class the rushes reset back to Zero, and thus 8 precious Lilith’s have gone to waste.

However I do use a 6 star Hengyin on more Walker destroying road map team, with out any rush upgrades, and I use 5 star Princess on my Arena sometimes, what she is meaning - ’ Go ahead and use your 6 star versions, but dont waste trainers on them.

Hope this helps?

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You can’t claim the Stoon while the 6* versions are on teams, the system does not allow it.

Otherwise feel free to use them (but be mindful of resources, as Vitalogy said)