Gatherer glenn lead skill broken?

With all the roadmaps we have had, I haven’t had a single crate drop. Anyone else have the same problem? Used to get drops consistently but nothing.

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Same issue

I use him all the time on roadmaps and used to get a few drops a day (mostly 4* weapon tokens), now it seems like I’m lucky if i get one drop a week.

My suspicion is that they nerfed him at or around the same time they nerfed Pam. Ridiculous toon to nerf though since, if anything, they needed to BOOST the drop rates or exp from all the tutor toons. @JB.Scopely


I have a couple in my region with the same problem. Even using mine, and a faction mates as support, nothing. Please fix this scopes. Bad enough u broke pam after she was fixed.

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I’ve noticed the same issue. Please look into this @JB.Scopely

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Its been an issue since day 1.
Some friends paid for him when he 1st came out, then found out that drops were completely broken, then reported it thru forum and customer service … Im pretty sure you know what happened next …

Good ol’ story told by Scopely !!

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I got Pam and was pumped about it until I used her and only got 2 xp points per toon

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In no other world is a company allowed to change a product After the customer has it. Imagine if you bought, say a cd or purchased a music download and the company somehow went in and took back two of the tracks because they determined those additional tracks were not supposed to have been released? I understand my analogy is not perfect, as we don’t actually own any of the pixels we play with.

They changed Pam, I heard, because she was giving 100 bonus on the maps, rather than the 5 or 10. I do know that people were complaining that they did not have one and was an unfair advantage in level ups. To that I say… where is my Erica, or 6* shield, or double revive toon? Those that pulled those have an advantage in everything else.

My point is, she is not very useful, now


Not sure, and it’s pretty valid as well. We strive for these characters based off the benefits they give. It would be one thing if it never worked, but his leader skill has, and now all of a sudden, doesn’t.

Same issue here. Used to farm weapon tokens from time to time but since Pam’s nerf i’ve never seen drop even once!
And if i remember correctly, you said that something will be done about gatherers after “Pam’s event” but not a word so far. @JB.Scopely

My iPhone does it all the time!! :confused:

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The Pam fix was not entirely unreasonable imo, but she should have been reverted back to normal as soon as those roadmaps that caused the issue ended.

No. I got some weapon parts. Maybe this bug’s been fixed.

That’s not true at all.
If you subscribe to HBO, they’re allowed to change the shows they air. They’re even allowed to stop making new episodes of shows.
If you subscribe to NetFlix, they’re allowed to add and take away shows that are available for streaming.
If you buy a season pass to a water park, they’re allowed to take rides down for maintenance, sometimes even on the day you’re visiting.
If you subscribe to a newspaper, they’re allowed to change the features they publish (adding/removing syndicated features, publishing or not publishing a certain column you like)


Not exactly apples to apples there. This is more like I bought a leather couch and they came in and changed it to canvas after it was in my house for months. Just saying.

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Not exactly apples to apples either. You’re comparing a physical product to a digital product.

I don’t necessarily agree on products being changed after purchase(digital or physical), but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist either. In gaming, it’s rather common for buffs/nerfs/changes to happen for the sake of balance.

This game is extremely close to the HBO and Netflix examples. It’s a digital subscription to an entertainment service, not a physical leather couch. You don’t agree to a Terms of Service to buy a couch.

Ehh… except when you buy a character, you’re not exactly buying a subscription. More like an additional product within a subscription… Feels wrong to say subscription to begin with since the base game itself is free.

I can’t think of any service, of which the base service is free, but additional features are one time payments.

Edit: League of Legends? Except buying new heroes and stuff can be done with free currency. But assuming no free currency applies, that game do nerfs/buffs on characters post release so…

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Can anyone here explain what “balance reason” was involved in making GGG less op ???

Cause personnaly I NEVER grabbed any PK nor DT thanks to his leader skill and must be sitting on trillions of weapons parts that wont be of any help in crafting a decent weapon …

So, again, what was so unbalanced with him ?

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Wasn’t talking GGG per se, but rather just in general of why changes happen. I know Pam was nerfed intentionally because she was giving large amounts of EXP during unique roadmaps, but GGG’s hasn’t had an official statement yet, so the issue could possibly be bad RNG luck.