Garretts next promo hopefully f2p ones after


So since garretts the next promo as in the one that becomes a 6* there won’t be any new non list 6* to be realesed so hopefully we can get the f2p yes I know your probaly like grrrr relese da Glenn’s and da gov before him first but let’s be honest if it’s been shown as the next promo it’s probably on a timer redy to pop up so lets hope the f2p ones come after or one from the list like connor who is a reltively old 5* :slight_smile:


I’ve said I want to see Gator a few million times

Few million and one now


Yes, that would be nice since that garret adds a lot to balance and meta they are watching (lol), it would be cool to release few useless 6* toons at least to play with. Hopefully not like red rick.


It will be the blue Dwight or Connor which I’m sure only a few people have :-1:


Garrett changes nothing in the Meta "/. Carl/Ezekiel teams are going to kill It so fast.


Riight, especially since we have so OP yellows free, can’t decide should I go with zeke or joshua vs that team…


Still a crap this new promo Garrets !! … lol

I think nowaday, people have already a team that can beat all kind of enemy. so whatever new toon is released, doesn´t matter already.


I made the mistake of calling rick crap tbh I’d say he’s not trying to be to the 6* version of davie he is the 6* version of davie


You mean david? David is OK 5*, 6* buffed would be really good, rick is just punching bag, worse then negan. He is good only if you have full evasion team and your tactic is based on time out defense, which is meh.


Garrett’s rush and active skill is WHAT ABE’s SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

That leader skill seems very odd to me since Car teams will destroy it


Wyatt shouldve got taunt like Garrett got.


I look at promo toons like Batman looks at guns

I won’t be using it, but I’d better know how to counter it


Get a 6* josh he well stop bonus hp


No he won’t. Heal reduction does not prevent bonus HP due to a bug which the devs have already acknowledged.