Garrett issue candle event


I play in the newberry region and I still have not recieved the Garrett from the candles event. I’m wondering if there’s an issue seeing as most of my faction mates have recieved there’s.

Garret is no go

There have been whispers about a possible issue, yeah


Yup. There are other threads. Im in the same boat. Same region, same no show. Waiting for my legendary Garret whilst all my faction have had theirs.

No response from support either :’(


join the club, more and more people are coming forward with this issue. image all the people not on the forum having this issue.


Hi, I’m from the server RUSSELL My game nickname [PH] Orel I collected more than 8 thousand candles to get Garrett, and only received anniversary tokens, and many of my factions have the same problem, I hope you correct it and I will receive a well-deserved award


Meh, Garrett isn’t actually that good. Maybe for some f2ps, but even a mediocre ranged team will stomp all over a team with Garrett as the lead.


Same for me in Whitfield


In butts region and I didn’t get mine


Ich habe auch keinen Garrett bekommen obwohl ich 8550 Kerzen gesammelt habe. Es sind jetzt schon mit mir 4 Spieler aus meiner Fraktion die keinen bekommen haben.


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