Games of Thrones

Favorite Characters and Stuff talk about the show or books here. Me like Bronn

I mean, can anyone actually be a better character than tyrion tho. Ngl tho Ramsay was a great character

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Also the fact that tyrion is clearly secretly a targaryen

Can’t believe Slaragyn was able to do that to Flergyak with only a knife!!

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Hodor. Hodor Hodor.


P.S. Have to make this here cuse they wouldn’t let me put only Hodor on my words T_T

Ramsey should get vilian of the lifetime award. But watching him on screen was amazing!!!

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I liked Drogo.

The hound ;D

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Tyrion, The Hound, and yes Ramsay was one of the best overall menacing bads i think tv has seen.

Will say Jaime has had a hell of a progression throughout the years tho. One of those guys you know you couldnt stand and now your like oh shit i actually like the ■■■■■■ lol.

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