Games broken.. (15c)

I’ve never seen this before and am confused how to proceed?

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Contact Support. A human will reply immediately and put the HQ on overtime until the issue is resolved swiftly


Was it ever fixed? Lip service and broken promises.

Almost instantly… I had about 10 deals within 5 minutes.

Queueing up normal now… fffew


Hi all,

Whenever you encounter something like this, it can take up to 15 minutes for your game to download the most up to date data. If you notice is, the best way to resolve it is to leave your device uninterrupted on the town screen for a little bit.

Hope this helps!


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Does that also work for raid status, territories, events, etc?

Is there an order of priority that they appear?
15mins sounds like a long download time

Hey Trout,

It goes for any limited time events & offers in the game. As for a priority order, I unfortunately don’t know the answer to that piece. In my experience everything usually populates simultaneously once the new data has been downloaded.



Going to the roadmap area works quicker for me, or put your device in airplane mode till you get the error message the turn it off forces the game to resync with servers

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