Gameplay Tips from Elder Players to Newbies. [Share here!]


Hello everyone!

Have any really, really helpful tips you’d like to share regarding Strategy in Road to Survival?

Strategy you wish you’d known ahead of time as a player?

Please share here!


Selling gear for food is helpful. Now saving everything since you can ascend toons.


Save characters to level up during Level Up tournaments for Milestone rewards.


Before a gear map is active, don’t touch your world energy, so that when it starts, you have a full tank.

Same for raid tournaments.


Abort Scavenger missions you have no interested in using it brings those 100xp missions back faster :upside_down_face: who wants to wait a week for one of those to come back :roll_eyes:


pro tip: during SR Tournements, once you complete Legendary Stage, use your low lvl salvage tokens (the gold ones, at any stage they can be used, even bronze stage) to receive the same amount of XP (10k+) as on legendary stage 25. easy and fast leveling


Bank survivors and food in long running trainings and then cancel them latter when you need them for other things. Also as long as you don’t let all the trainings in a camp finish you can continue to add more. Use these to bank for level up events unroll you have enough shirts and gloves to star training 2 stars.




Farm and grund as much as you possibly can. Leaders of top factions love player who are overly active. In some cases it even makes up for players who dont have coin


Stop complaint and just enjoy the game :wink:


Be patient with new faction members, you were New once as well.

Spread out scav camps in your town, I have two near the bottom right and two in the upper left. The two in the upper left are reserved for xp missions (60/100k) the other two are for nightly scav missions, or the 5* token missions. Separating them removes the accidental auto collect before level up, and acts as a reminder to manually open camps


Thank you all for your helpful suggestions!

And yes, always be kind to new members – we want to grow our community and give everyone a chance. :heart:



Upgrade your town hall as quickly as you can so that you have access to more features to help you grow.

Use ingredients and items you win from levelling up and farming to get enough food to keep it upgraded.


Never end the evening gaming session with full world or raid cans, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays because the extra XP is worth it.

As mentioned above, stash all food and materials in battle items created in the workshop and survivors in the training grounds.

Disassemble all the weapons you aren’t keeping nightly so it’s not such a daunting task a month down the road


Hit the drive in and watch as many videos as you can, you have 30 days to collect the coins.

Set a calendar notification on your calendar for the 29th day to collect, you will be surprised how many coins you will have in a month just for watching videos.

Not all coiners in war are from purchased coin.

Do the lower end offers (install run) collect coin and uninstall app.


I absolutely agree with the install and run app offers. They are so easy to complete, and the 15-ish coins per offer adds up.


Best part of this game is the people you play with. Get into a faction who’s activity level is equal to your’s as an individual player. You don’t want to be the one player carrying the faction, or the player always at the bottom with points, and beating yourself up about it. This is a social game, and having an awesome faction keeps you sane.

You should constantly be upgrading your camp. Start with town hall and food, for starters.

You can upgrade things like scavenger camps and armories cheaper if you upgrade your houses and materials posts all the way to 20 before converting them to scavenger camps and armories.

Read and watch as much as you can about the game. There’s tons of information out there on YouTube channels and on websites.

Finally, the game is in a weird place right now, so don’t waste your money on it. :wink: F2P for as long as you can!


Monday And Tuesday are for boot camp only. I tell all my newbies that show up in the faction this. More player levels equals more farming. How do you farm more, LEVEL. How do you level, live in boot camp.
Sadly some people never understand this truth


If you see a crate/bag/offer with something really good that you want included with a bunch of things are not really good, don’t buy it. You will get the worst of the not really good things more often than not.


Don’t yell at scopely, they are doing their best