Gameplay is becoming more lopsided



There are now unbeatable characters - with impossible (or at least highly improbable) to craft weapons. There is less parity in each update. This is a strategy - but it’s a sad one, to me. There’s not really a place for recreational game players anymore - and I’m losing teammates all the time. So much that I changed servers. Now I’m watching the same thing. I get update and improvement - but it’s coming to an end


People so badly wanted transfers. Worst idea ever. You reap what you sow and now the whales are free to migrate to wherever they want.


People wanted region mergers transfers is what we were given. The reason they nerfed those toons was because they were over powered but released super over powered ones a few weeks later. Now it’s the weapons on the new toons leaked that seem more like 5 star ones. Feels like work we are paying to do a 2nd job instead of having fun.


What characters are unbeatable? Give me 5 of them please. Lol…


i agree, more people are leaving.


5x 1* Gerald. My $2 million team can’t beat him


is gerald a thing?


Examples? Armoury has been around years and many low level spenders can cobble together five stuns or a whole range of perfect crafts - what you don’t see is the multitude of failed or non-perfect weapons that have come between all those.


Transfers were a moronic idea, and now they’ve messed everything up.


I hate to say that my expectations for transfers was a little high than what they should’ve been. Now the small and quaint Talbot seems way more competitive. We Find Ourselves competing for the four southwest territories we pretty much had to ourselves and I honestly can’t find the strength to get out. First it was because I didn’t want my anniversary leaderboard progressed messed up. Now I just can’t.


Yeah. He’s the absolute worse to meet on the Battlefield. I would rather fight 5 Lydia’s Instant. I fleed so many times because of this fecker


Yup OP Promo Revive & Shield after OP Revive & Shield is released. Yet the F2P still don’t even have 1 shield or revive. Total bullshite is what it is. Hunter doesn’t count, he was a promo.


what do we do now? quit or depot all toons?


Turn Scopely into newts.


i cant say i was against transfers, in fact i needed and wanted to move from my region…what i will say is 10 days isnt long enough to stop some of the chasing of prizes or op factions just going where they want to challenge whomever they want or take what they want(this isnt a bash them post, they have earned greatness, they got gud). idk what time restriction should be in place, maybe 3 months? 6? cant say really but a longer time would allow regions to gain stability and see what they have


Maybe transfers can be improved upon rather then completely saying its the worst thing ever as it surely has its positives as well as its negatives.


Just curious here. Not trying to be a smartass but what possible changes can make transfers better than what they are? Never heard a positive by the way. Mostly just whales coming in and ducking up FTP regions apparently.


I see you’re bringing out the big guns


This is a competitive game.


I think they’re referring to the impossible weapons on specific characters. Like Sandy’s 200% double attack. Shiva 400 bleed. Etc