Gamelogic-change in wars (like territories) and Timeout-Issue

Greetings erathlings

When playing the last war i came across some really annoing things and i want to share my thoughts on this. i know the timeout issue is found multiple times in the forum, but i need it to support the second thought. so just read the second point.

first (timeout)
with more an more s-chars on the run, especially Pete, nearly every third team in defense is able to get to timeout, in war i ran into teams with two Petes, i managed to kill all supporting toons with beheading and maim (was hard ty Pete but possible), but one or two petes needs micromanagement, and this takes time, even when playing with autobattle on/off these teams nearly always manage to get to timeout.
so first suggestion increase the timeout in wars and raids AND/OR

second (gamelogic in war <> territories)
has something to do with the first one. in war, the damage dealt to a defending player should be calculated by the toons which got killed by attacker, not by the surviving toons of the attacker. (like the battle-logic in territories)

i mean, a pure defense team ist hard to kill and timeout occurs very often now (ty Pete see above). in war damage dealt to the defending base/player = 0, even when u manage to kill 4 of 5 toons on every attack, these player will stand to the end with full hp. these logic should be changed to reflect a real “war”. when i am able to kill 4 of 5 defending toons, maybe these attack was not 100% successful, but it wasnt 0% either. this should be changed in my opinion.

this would have another positive sideeffect, wars will be slightly faster.

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This makes no sense, if you can’t win in the allotted time then you loose… why do you want a battle to go for 20 minutes? By the time it’s over war has already ended and you get no rewards.


u missed my point, its not primary about the timeout increase, its about gamelogic change in wars, when u are able to kill defending toons 4 of 5 etc, this should reflect in damage done to the defender

because u have done damage, but gamelogic now, well u missed killing one toon of the team, so u done ZERO damage, which is not really logical isnt it?

Worst post ever

Pete is easy to manage


it was just an example, my apologize

I get your point. And this would definitely add some stragedy to this game other than just buying the way to the top

Chill out. ‘Worst post ever?’… are we back in high school or something? :roll_eyes::rofl:

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thanks for your support :d

I like the second idea. The timer is needed more so in raids than war imo. Timeout defense teams is a strategy. For war it doesnt matter much, take 10 minutes to kill 1 person and your camp will be destroyed when you come out.

With this community, actually yes, yes we are.

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