Game won't load

A faction ate and I can’t play right now. When we transferred regions, we suddenly got kicked out of the game. Now it just won’t load.

We tried uninstalling, loading it in another device! Resetting phone, etc. Nothing works.

Scopely pls look into it and help thanks

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Well I feel a little better knowing I’m not alone now still sucks. Contact support at this link

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @TayTron @Shawn.Scopely @ForumAdmin

This is happening to multiple players now. Can you please help out our friends?

This is also happening to someone in our region. Thank you for the support link

Same problem here

@JessicaRabbit @Numba1stunna Absolutely - this issue has been escalated for investigation.


Same situation here. My game wont open and im in the survival club.

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to hear that you have trouble accessing the game.

Please contact CS through this link if you encounter the same issue. Don’t forget to include the friend code.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Must really suck for a paying customer, isn’t it @Numba1stunna?!


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Trust me, you are the lucky ones!

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Contacted customer support. Seems all I get are automated messages. They keep asking for account info. I keep replying with the requested info but they just respond with more info requests. It’s still not fixed. Pls help thanks

Clear cache and data I got back in ten minutes ago

Been doing that. Still not helping so far. But thanks for the suggestions. Any other stuff I can try pls let me know

I’m having the same issue tried clearing my data cache reinstalled the game tried 3 different devices both iOS and Android I would love to be able to play any new news o. This

Is there any new info on this @GR.Scopely

I am having the same issue also. Switched through a couple of alt regions to collect sc pulls. Got kicked and now can’t get in past the load screen before it kicks again. Tried deleting and reinstalling but has made no difference. Waiting to hear back from support


I can’t get in either!!! I better be back in by war start tomorrow!

A friend of mine is having the same issue, we have reached out to support, forums, and Jb and doesn’t look like it will be fixed by the weekend, as nobody is replying now.

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Hope they get it sorted before then.

In 2 hours I loss a 1000 plus day log on streak due to this I’m really not happy about this I never complain and any of the things that other people do but not being able to get in game due to this is complete bull crap