Game won't load / stuck at unpacking content


My game crashed this morning which isn’t all that unusual. But now it won’t load again. It downloads data but is stuck at unpacking content and just attempts to download again and again.
I tried deleting cache, storage and reinstalling. Nothi g helps. Any ideas? Messaged support btw

How is the storage space on your device?

Got over 200 GB free…

Same here game crashed and tried uninstal reinstal clear cashe but when it hit 209mb it just keeps reloading over and over again have over 7gb open space left @GR.Scopely

Exactly the same issue for me

Count me in on this. The game goes on a downloading loop.


200gb what kind of device is that?

One Plus 7 Pro

This seem like it read in the game in the RAM and not the extra storage space.
This bug is that they try to read in the game into the ram when storage is full.

Seems to affect a few more people than just me right now. And that’s not an issue with storage… I’ll see what support does so far not helpful.

Support isnt helpfull at all i told the issue and sayed i tried uninstal reinstal clear cashe etc nothing works and they say try uninstal reinstal clear cashe come on now cant u read fix your game

Same… They asked me for my account code even though I gave them the code in my initial ticket lol

When this issue happens, it usually because the game requires more space that it has on the device and creating some additional space solve the problem.

Is it still happening to you? If so, I would contact our customer support by following this link /so they can have a look at this particular issue for you.

Note: Remember to provide them your account code if possible. (you will find this code in the following format within your player profile in the game (XXX-XXX-XXX)](


Thanks for the reply. Though pretty much all of that was already addressed in this thread. I have lots of GB free on my device that can’t be the issue. I messaged support with my account code but its slow… Just feels like no one actually reads your messages properly. They asked for my account code for example even though I wrote it in my initial email…

Lol typical scopes awnser look how many players are stuck yet yoi talk about space with 7gb space left iam stil stuck ,are you going to compensate us with a nr1 lvl up rewards all milestones , are you going to compensate the bear because we cant finish 2 lvl ups , are you going to compensatebfor war because we are stuck stop the bs gr and get this game fixed

Got the same issue a few minutes ago. Game goes into an infinite downloading loop. (Amazon AppStore, device: Galaxy Tab 5SE).

After switching the device game seems to work (Google PlayStore, device: Galaxy S10+).

Switching back results in the loop again.

Clearing cache and deleting game data didn’t help.

Hello everyone,

This issue should be resolved by now. If not please let me know :slight_smile:

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