Game will not open after restart

Anyone else experiencing this problem? The game updated overnight and now, it will not open. It begins to load, but then stops, sending you back to the icon screen. Ive stopped and restarted with the same result.

Yes one of my coleads having same issue

My account has been doing that since feb good luck having someone help u

Ps. Still can’t access my account

@GR.Scopely your lame for not helping btw

You have been locked out for 6 months but yet you still get on the forums huh sounds like BS to me

My main is still locked out no lie I play on my baby account in the hopes it’ll get fixed but at this rate I’ll pass it up soon

It goes to the loading screen then around 60-80% it cuts out to my home screen while it’s still running in the background but it’s a loop no matter what I do it never makes it past the loading screen it all started when I tried to start in a region I last transferred out of its most def a bug in the code as I’ve duplicated the result twice even showing a video to support

If any game devs are on here, can you please provide an update or any helpful information?

It’s the kill loop

A friend reminded me to try an uninstall and reinstall. That did the trick!

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Uninstall and then don’t install

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Uninstall, restart device, then install. middle part with restart made a difference for me when got stuck in the loop

Try it on a different device. If you have the same problem, it’s server side. This is happening more often and they literally don’t know how to fix it.

Force stop, clear cache and restart worked for me

Anyone on iOS have issues getting into the game after the update? Mine is just in a constant loop in the loading screen. I have tried restarting my device, reinstalling the game, installing the game in a new device, but the issue still persists. And no I am not a beta user/tester. I have sent scopely a ticket and yet to hear any word from them.

This happened to me good luck getting help they don’t care

Yep, it happen to me android user too. Sometime the game just hang when im doing raid, sometime pop up msg showed up and when i clicked the x mark to close it, the game hang too

No it’s straight up can’t access the game it’s a loading loop

I am not in beta, but my game just updated and it has put my game in a loop. I can not open the game. Has this happened to anyone else with the update? Any fixes? Or is thus my que to finally say screw it an walk away…4 years is to much time invested as it is