Game Will End With Vitality v. Offense

So you guys have the time to remove my thread on communication but you can’t give us an ascendance list? The irony.

Anyways, there’s been a problem that’s been growing for years now. The more powerful recruits get, the less valuable offense becomes. If defense & health are your “vitality” stats then attack and critical should be your offensive stats, correct? The problem here is that critical isn’t as valuable as health or defense and it’s not really something that comes with a recruit. Now that G2 recruits are here, the gap between vitality and offense will widen even more. Defenses will require more time to take down and damage will “decrease”. Scopely couldn’t balance a box on solid ground so I almost expect nothing to change.


They are balancing with bonus to AP when attacking leaders and +40% ATK. Of course they will release premier toons first, like Camila and Alice, but you can also have some f2p: blue Andrea, yellow Rick and Carley, red Tara, for example.

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Are you saying that defense teams are becoming to strong to beat? Because if so I think it’s actually the complete opposite the attack toon on the market ATM like Alice decap Sandy Wayland Harper are so powerful their literally making defenses useless.


Big IF you have those toons…still think defenses are tough. Tanky towers dont make it any better.

Game does needs some serious rework though.

Off topic…Sounding like a broken record but we all know revived toons shouldn’t revive with full ap :joy::joy: wtf

Let’s put a biiig asterisk right next to red tara

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Best f2p toon in the game.


I love her - even at t2 she smashes. Just need that 1 elusive flare to make her a little tankier

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Scopley just needs to sell the game to a company that actually cares about there players problem solved lol

All around brilliant f2p toon, shes underated.


Agree, I can’t live without her

Shes only underated most are running melee.

Need 1 for t3 as well but ain’t seen a flare in a minute but still love her.

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Alice = cheat code… even against the blue and green tower and gen bonus.

U can use her vs all team types even melee, just need the right mods…i use her vs lydia teams to with much success.

Even then some dont have her I have been stuck on 1 more earring for months

It all depends on luck but from what I’ve seen most have her I know I don’t fa much and I have 3

Even with alice the blues take ages unless u have a debuffer on ur team

So then use a debuffer

Tara for the Debuff but I think most of us Don’t have the items for her. Place 1st 2nd 3rd in FA doesn’t seem to help lol

forever 1 earring 1 flare club

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