Game Updates and some suggestions of my own

Just a quick message to say the new updates are great but there are still a few things that would make the experience even better.

It cant be denied that a game like this exists to keep players happy and for money to be spent to improve. Here is a few things though that i think would help both.

In the shop you have packs and often the prize contained 1 of the following. To be fair its not nice to be told you could get 1,2,5 or 100 of something. So instead remove the high figure and make it more competitive.

Consider reducing the time it takes to build, if you want players to be competitive then this would help, or why not allow 2 buildings to be worked on at once.

Bring in roadmap stages which help established players… Getting rare, uncommon, elite and ultra rare gear is pointless to someone with a strength of S8 or higher. It would be great to have a roadmap which gives gear like canteens as its final stage prize.

If your going to bring out an improved version of a character then it seems only fair that you provide an option that a player with an older version of that character can buy upgrades too.

Reopen the faction and region transfer. Ive got several friends and even my son who would like to cross over so we can form a new facrtion.

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