Game Transfer Help

I know this question has been asked several times but am always hesitant to try… Last I did lost account and needed Support to help me recover it.

My old phone doesn’t hold charge anymore, so would like to transfer game to another tablet. My account is linked to FB (or at least I hope it is). What’s the process to do the transfer?

Unlink game from old device? Or just press Link and enter FB details on 2nd device?

If it’s linked already on old device then you just press link account on new device and sign in to the same FB account.

If this doesn’t work you will need support to move you , some people do get an issue where link doesn’t move the account but attaches to the new one on the new device. This generally seems to be when going ios to android though and iirc is a very old bug that hopefully is resolved now (dunno, never had an iPhone just know it’s happened to friends of mine)

Do not press unlink unless you are trying to attach your account to a new Facebook

Thanks! Worked :sweat_smile:


Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:


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