Game time and real life. What's the point in participating in tournaments?

Got in after a friend’s housewarming party last night and opened my prizes for solo survival Road.

I went on the game in a few free lessons whilst I was at work to make sure I used my energy and had little wasted. This made it so that I left work a little later since I had to finish marking the year 7 papers I hadn’t completed in my frees. I kept popping on during the evening whilst watching shows with the missus. Next day I woke up in the morning, opened the game and went straight on it to make sure I didn’t lose too much free SR energy, this did not please the missus. I then kept on at it through the day whilst helping her with a masters essay, using 2 cans that I had to use more time earlier on in the week to gain from a level up. I dawdled to the housewarming, a walk that usually would take 5mins to make sure I used the 6 energy I had free. At the party, whenever I went to the loo, I made sure I was completing a level or 2.

I didn’t go all out like some did, and finished 35th.

For all that effort I got:
2 epic gear crates.

This is the same for all of us, and when it dawns on you how little you get back in the game for the RL time you put in, it hits you like a freight train that tournaments really aren’t worth your time or effort. And quite frankly, the effort I went to was pretty sad, even though I didn’t go all out.

I think I’ll still be popping on to do the daily gold bars, do my arenas and help out in faction tournaments (to do my bit) and War. But solo tournaments… No point. It’s absolutely not worth your time. Even if you place 1st, that’s 2 days of solid gameplay for 1/11th of a relevant character. Back in the day the top 8 or 10 got a character that was useful and the top 3 or 5 got characters that were great.

Look at the prizes for faction raid now. 1500 5 star tokens. 5 star are the 3rd tier of characters now and you get 15% of 1. That would be the equivalent of getting 15% of a 3 star character back in the 5 star era, and they didn’t have 3 star tokens back then because people would have laughed the game off if those were the prizes. Even 4 star tokens were only given to factions finishing worse than 20 or more, in fact I’m pretty sure, if memory serves me right, that 11th place finish got more 5 star tokens 2 and a half years ago, than 4th place finish gets now.

What’s the point?


Very well said. I’ve realized much of the same myself. They constantly lower the bar further and further. Prizes always get worse, never better. And it has well passed a point where it simply isn’t really worth it anymore.

Reward improvements are needed desperately. Even now, with the S-class era upon us, they still won’t give a toon for a prize, even an old ascendable 5*. And every event seems to require more effort, but give less in return.

From good toons, to tokens, to less tokens, to less tokens and less milestones, it’s constantly going downhill it seems. They have a wide variation now they could use. 6* for 1-3. Ascendable for top 10. Tokens below that. But no… they just get worse, and in a few weeks we will likely be getting even less than now…


I think the poor tournament prizes and lack of motivation these bring, especially the fact that they are now significantly objectively worse than years ago (not just equivalent - directly worse), needs to be really hounded by the PC when you next meet Scopely.

@LadyGeek @Brucey @Bane @Gov +other council members.

As @Holiday says:


Maybe @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely can take it to the team that if milestones and rewards were worth a damn people would play more and also oh idk spend more, i know scopely only cares about money so there ya go. As of now, this games not a game, its a chore, its a job that i dont get paid to do and since rewards are getting worse and the grind getting harder, theirs zero reason to spend any money and now even my time, it has got to the point where i get angry, annoyed, moan and groan cause i have to hop on rts and use my energy up for sr, raids, world, territories, now we have arenas also. The fun has been taken away from rts and turned into labor.


Mad af right now cause we just lost 2 players to this bs! But that is what scopely seems to want, as long as the 1% gambling addicts stay and spend thousands on 1 toon every 2 weeks, everyone else can get f’ed right?! Actually angry about losing players!!! As if its not hard enough already to recruit in this dead ass game!


Been that way a long long time now :confused:


Getting toons as prizes would be awesome! Haven’t been here that long.

survival road is only good for one thing… to get your level up


Yeah something I hadn’t really considered before as I knew my faction wasn’t going to finish 1st. But apparently the faction that finishes in 1st only gets either (1) half of a 5* (with a 93% chance it won’t even be ascendable) or (2) 1.36% of a character, and then a single piece of gear to go along with ascendance medals just makes you go “why even bother?”

Raids and farm and she gives you that ‘bruhh’ look …loool so relatable.

Do you know how to show “improvements in rewards” without actually improving them?
That’s right. Make them even more pathetic for a couple of events. And then return to what it was.
There you go. “Improvements”.

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No point in playing anymore. Im still playing because it’s a habit rather than fun. All events start and/or finish my 2am making it impossible to even finish in top 50 unless I burn more cans or level up more than necessary for mediocre rewards. War was the only event I was looking forward to, but last war didn’t even bother playing when being matched with all whale regions. Usually ranked 6-10 in CRW, this time didnt finish top 30. I guess I’ll keep playing until my supply of cans finishes, which won’t take long with all these roadmaps.


Scopes knows exactly what they’re doing and who they’re dealing with.

Hence the lame prizes, particularly during team events.


they also know most people have burned all their Benny pathway crates, meaning if they want to get the better level up fac rewards they have to buy those offers

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catering to the 1% is silly and its alot less than 1% now the majority of spenders has decreased drastically and will keep falling, there is only 1 super whale faction left in the game with no competition where as 6 months ago you had a handful wanting to compete against eachother


LVL ups are the best for scopes.
It burns gear, survivors, & toons, particularly 6stars

No grinding(or spending), no Survivors
No regular event grinding(or spending), no gear
No pulls(spending), no toons.

How many toons have you leveled up that you have no plans to use? (& To hit 10mil pts?!)

Any wonder we have perma level ups?


I honestly don’t bother with solo tournaments now because the rewards suck. Much more beneficial to save cans and time spent on doing faction events.

Even faction events have awful prizes. We are just more compelled to complete them for the benefit of others.


i have not open the game in 3 days now :neutral_face:


Was thinking about this and like why even buy stuff if I have no time for the events?