Game Suggestion: Allow generals/co to manage the queue during war?

Would it be possible to implement a feature where generals or coleads would be able to move people in and out of war party/reserves before the search or during search before a match? There are many times that we would have had a body (someone that is filling in but cannot war) and can’t remove him without having to cancel war to let reserves who can war, into the war party. Also, there are instances where reserves need to get into a war party to meet the milestone requirement and someone who already met milestone requirement is in war party but is not around to move out. What do you guys think?

Edit: I would also like to add a feature where you can tell who is who in towers. We are inching closer to 125 and almost everyone is at the same level so it’s harder now to distinguish who is in towers. It would be awesome if we could see the person’s name that have added to towers.

Someone also suggested adding who started the searching in the activity log.


adding on to this.

Can we get a way to see which players in a que are currently still logged into the game?

So many times during a war que people will stop playing the game, War will start and and now we only have 4 out of 6 players playing. The option to kick inactive players from the que would make such a difference

But sometimes you just need bodies to start a war time zones and all the rest will finish it off

Of course we need bodies but what i’m saying is that where there are bodies in and then we get reserves (after waiting awhile possibly), it would be nice to switch the bodies out with people who can actually war.

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I’ve had Wars where i signed up but actually joined 15/20 minutes after start and still kicked ass your question is valid but it would be difficult to implement I think

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I like the idea, but I don’t at the same time. In some cases people may get into an arguement within the faction, and then a colead or lead could just continue to bump them out of the queue ensuring that they get no points/rewards.
I would like to see names in towers though, would cause a lot less headaches through factions when there’s one or two not jumping into towers.

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Doubtful, as you’re never really logged in. Just enforce a faction rule that there shouldn’t be inactive people in the roster at peak time.

Agree with everything you said. This needs to happen.

Would also like to know who started the search. There is always someone on the team who refuses to do a roll call and starts it without giving people a chance to get ready. If they changed it constable or higher to start a search that would also help too but the first option is the better one



War suggestions and issues are better addressed by @TheWalkerDude :wink:

YES! I agree with that, why not show who started the search in the log? That would be nice to know who keeps searching because no one owns up to it.

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Cool. Will make a note for the future. I have seen you respond to the tech side of things. Thought you might have some insight into this. Appreciate the response. :metal:


Lol. Yep there is always one or two. You can Sherlock Holmes it but its not worth the effort and the 2 hour long argument that will ensue after you accuse the person you suspect.

In the beginning it got so bad I had to drop everyone lower than my co leads to newcomers so they would stop searching. Now it is almost never an issue but it would still be good to see it.

Maybe starting the search can be a two man job like retreating from war, the online status would be really cool not just in war but overall, while moving people in and out from war can be abused and not fair.

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I remember we did this during the duplicate war bug too - to ensure only one person was starting a war and not having two go on at the same time. Remember that? When I get upset about lag I remember that and take a deep breath lol

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